CLUB SARSO Program is a sincere initiative of SARSO BIZNET International pvt. Ltd. to provide a unique portfolio of Life-Energizing Holidays at Domestic and international Destinations.

Dear All,

Welcome to the world of SARSO and EXPERIENCE the EXCELLENCE with us.

At SARSO, we believe in empowering individuals rediscover themselves. Our Shared Vision is to share  SARSO  Achievements with our Associates and rejuvenate Society at large .Leveraging Internet to spread the SARSO philosophy, we envision of a Healthy , Educated and  a Wealthy life for everybody.

The foundation of SARSO has indeed been cemented through the unconditional support of our loyal friends who share the same values and ethics .We faithfully look ahead with gratitude and grace.

SARSO stands for a new breed of Organisation in the Business world.As a young entrant here,we strive to explore the options of strategic alliances with major local and international players to explore new possibilities of growth for our ever growing SARSO family. Drawing from our constant drive to improve and excel, we intend to create a conducive environment,organize training sessions providing exposure to maximize the potential of our  associated Human capital.

We will continue to consolidate our existing product line by bringing more online courses in our EDUCATION and WELLNESS Package and always endeavor to widen our Product mix.Over time,you shall see SARSO introducing more plans addressing different segments and market needs.

Profound thanks to INDIAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION for the cooperation in taking forward our initiative with intent to serve society.

We sincerely hope that you will join hands too, It matters.


(Co-Founder) (Co-Founder)